Fault Rocks Inc. is a Structural Geology consultancy enterprise with expertise in Geophysical data interpretation of ore deposits.


We work with a selected portfolio of mineral exploration companies that focus along the Andes, Canadian Cordillera and the Tethyan belt. We integrate a wide range of geoscience data from regional to district and deposit scale.


Applied structural geology and geophysical interpretation for mineral exploration. Geoscience data integration and mapping of hydrothermal systems.

Latest News & Events

February 13, 2020

MDRU SC109: Mapping for Discovery: Integrating Structural Geology and GIS for Exploration of Porphyry Systems

An MDRU 2-day course intended for explorers who want to delve into a modern structural geology look that integrates tectonic, structural, geophysical, geochemical and metallogenic concepts for the vectorization of mineral deposits. The course includes daily practical sessions on GIS, digital mapping and stereographic techniques for structural interpretation and analysis. 19-20 March 2020. Registrations at […]
March 14, 2019

Structural Geology for Mineral Exploration, Vancouver

Event Date: March 27-29, 2019
Structural Geology for Exploration
March 14, 2019

MDRU SC102: Mag Tools For Geos Workshop, Vancouver

Event Date: Oct. 3, 2018
Integrating Public Geoscience and Industry Data for Building for Mineral Exploration