Geoscience BC Day, Vancouver, BC

September 8, 2015

Geoscience BC’s QUEST survey area in central British Columbia has a large amount of regional geophysical and geochemical data available to the exploration industry; however, despite the wealth of data, the bedrock geology remains poorly constrained, especially in the extensive areas covered by glacial drift in the Prince George area. The area is generally prospective for porphyry Cu-Au mineralization beneath covering glacial drift. Previous attempts to integrate geophysical, geochemical and geological information to constrain the geology beneath cover (Logan et al., 2010) provided results that were heavily biased toward interpolation between known outcrops and failed to take into consideration much of the geophysical and geochemical evidence. This study is focused on the interpretation of magnetic and gravity data and provides a fresh look at the structural architecture and the bedrock geology in the QUEST area and can be used as a base layer for exploration for Porphyry style deposits in this highly prospective area. See project deliverables for illustrations.