PDAC 2017 – DMEC workshop series, Toronto

March 1, 2017

Major metallogenic terrains are known to be important locations for a variety of mineral deposit styles and commodities. As explorers are challenged to find more and better quality deposits, it is becoming critical to understand these settings in more detail than has been done in the past. High quality preā€competitive geophysical data sets that can be used to assist in terrain assessments are increasing available in a number of locations around the world. The workshop will highlight where these data sets are becoming available and provide some suggestions as to how these data sets can be used to best advantage.
Pete Betts: Monash University- Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Matias Sanchez: Fault Rocks-Vancouver, BC
Stephan Thiel: Geological Survey of South Australia-Adelaide, SA, Australia
Vicki Tschirhart: NRC-GSC-Ottawa, ON
Ken Witherly: Condor Consulting-Denver, CO, USA
Jon Woodhead: Consultant- Denver, CO, USA